Shara Cooper

Questions. Questions! by Shara Cooper

Life stops for no one. We all must agree upon that fact. Life carries on whether we would object to it or not.
Time keeps on ticking, right into the future! Slowing down is not an option. Not for one living soul will time stop ticking.

With life…
With time…
What am I doing with it?
Am I wasting my life? Am I wasting time?


Am I doing all that I know to do in a given day?
Am I giving the best of me?
Am I slack and careless with no regard to the value of the limited hours?
Am I procrastinating or moving crippled with fear?
Am I consumed with doubt or permitting a negative attitude to control me?
Am I cultivating hope?
Am I open to believe in endless possibilities?

As I ponder my answers to these two imperative questions… I would suggest that you meditate upon your own answers.
These two questions demand a response from us all. No one escapes!

And consider… to ignore or not answer… is to answer.

Are you wasting your life?
Are you wasting your time?

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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