Eric Brandel

My Father by Eric Brandel

What really defines a man is it his ability to reason and to communicate with others is it his strength and tolerance is it his ability to love and be understanding and supportive of other people and their needs is it the job he works or how much money he has is it the trips he takes or the places he eats the car he drives or the clothes he wears is it the shoes on his feet some people see it that way but to me a man is defined by his actions in my eyes my Father is by far a great man he married a women who had been abused and he showed her love he took two children who’s dad didn’t want them and he raised them as his own gave them a last name to be proud of and a family to be part of he works hard every day to provide for them and gives his time with out hesitation he’s never selfish or demanding to me he is the true definition of a man he’s my Father and I wanna be just like him

Eric Brandel
DOC #421441

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