Daren Moody

Is There Any Insight? by Daren Moody

Can anyone please give me some insight on how multiple people are convicted of the same crime, but when the Louisiana Legislature passes laws to lessen the effects of the harsh sentences imposed on them, these laws only affect certain individuals and not all convicted under the same statute? For example; 3 people are convicted of Possession of a Firearm by a convicted Felon, and sentenced 2 serve time at hard labor. In 2017 a law was passed to give all persons, who are not serving a sentence for a crime of violence, parole eligibity at 25% of there sentence. When 1 of the 3 reached 25 percent of his sentence, he was given a parole hearing and is currently, “FREE!” The 2nd of the 3, got disciplinary write-up a few weeks before his parole hearing, but he was still given the hearing and due to his disciplinary actions, he was ‘denied.’ Then we have the 3rd, who is being denied parole eligibility, because he was told “Persons convicted of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon are not eligible for parole consideration.” If that where so, then HOW are there others who were convicted of the same crime and have been given an opporunity for parole? There must be an answer to this question, however no one has been able to provide any insight. All of the proper departments and personell have been contacted but no one has answered this question. I feel as if my accomplishments, credentials, and conduct record should be the standard needed for anyone for anyone 2 be able to make parole. Not trying to brag, but after graduating from 2 technical courses through Central Louisiana Technical Community College, plus completing several Self-Help Pograms, I feel my accomplishments should be the blueprint. I truly understand that in order for a person to receive chance at redemption, they must show themselves worthy. That is why I have taken full advantage any form of rehabilitation that I can use to make my life better. It is the only way for some of us survive in a world that seems like it is designed for us to fail. Now that I have the essential skills and tools needed to succeed in any environment, I am unjustly being denied my chance at redemption. Maybe Im just anxious to display my new found skills and abilities in the real world, so I can provide for my children and family who are in desperate need of my help. That is why our legislature should pass a law that would allow a person convicted of a “Non-Violent” crime the chance to have his record reviewed, to see if he should be eligible for release. Or at least provide them with some insight as to why they should not.

Daren Moody
DOC #386408


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