Henry Petite

Ice Breaker by: Henry Petite

My story is short, not because I want it to be but simply because its extremely difficult for me to come right out and tell it. I could say this though, ive been in prison long befor I started doing time. As of right now I am 23 years young (9/19/1995), im from new orleans, LA. I comitted a series of armed robberies which ultimately led to my incarceration. I came to jail 2014 on the 4th and was sentenced to 10 years, I get released jan. 2022. I came to jail at the age of 18. It was the 4th of july, I had just left the barbershop looking like a million bucks. I called a girl who was showing serious potential to be my girlfriend, we got on the phone and I asked her what she was doing. She replied she had just got of off work and was waiting on the (RTA) a bus. Me having a car feeling like a real big shot, I volunteered to pick her up, so 15 minutes later I picked her up, we rode around and talked for a little while. On our way to my house I wanted to stop at a gas stations for a couple of blunt rappers and some gas. Sitting at the red light I had the option of going to the gas station or going to the store, there was a cop posted right across the street from the store.
Do you want to know what I chose to do?
Do you really want to know what I chose to do?
I could lie and make up a fantastic story about how I led the cops on a dangerous high speed chase but truth be told I stupidly drove into that gas station. I got out the car, Tiffany (potential girlfriend) stop me for some child play than I took off. About 10 steps away from the entrance of the store another cop cut me off.
Option 1.) Run to the left and dont look back.
Option 2.) Run to the car and have that dangerous high speed chase.
Option 3.) Tiffany has a beautiful 2 year old daughter, tiffany is clueless as to what ive been doing, dont leave her or put her life in danger everything will be okay.
Those were the thought that were running through my head, I chose option 3 and it changed my life entirly.

Henry Petite # 707214
1630prison road
cottonport La- 71327
hope A-1

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