as I walked near the castle tower I heard the shrill cry of a lady in distress
I knew I had to go to her , I had to find her , this distraught mistress
as I neared the castle her call became louder
I could only wonder what was the matter
it now seemed I would need to save her and perhaps make her flattered
I snuck up to the gates and took out the sentinels
and then began my ascent of the mighty stairs , winding and well
it is there at the top of the tower , the sun was setting and the moon’s apparition fell
and only by its pale light did the search for this desperate girl begin
I ran from room to room ,I must find her and prevent her doom , and so I must move quicker , until finally
alas! I heard her voice as it poured into my ear like a sweet liquor , i told her not to be alarmed , that I meant her no harm , and then
I broke down the door and lo and behold , she stepped out into view wearing a white dress made of lace
her black hair was so spryly like an erupting maelstrom of dark fire burning around her beautiful face
I was instantly lost in love during this ghastly hour , and fell to one knee presenting her with a hand full of flowers
I knew right then and there this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life and asked for her hand in marriage , would she be my wife
she stood there with a sexy smile and let out a sassy sigh , and tilted her head with her hand on her hips while she batted her eyes
she said , love between you and I it could certainly be ,but what do you know of me
I said it did not matter and professed my love for her and told her of my unrest , she reached out with a hand on my head and asked if I knew I’d saved a princess
I did not know of her class , I’d love her , servant or slave , its all the same forever it would last
she pulled me toward her and with her luscious lips placed them on me like a wanton treasure
we embraced in lustful desire , not wanting to die never knowing this pleasure
and not long after ,she suddenly looked at me with eyes so sad
what is it , I wondered , could it be so bad
she said soon it will be dawn , the moon and stars gone , replaced with the rising sun and we would be hunted by posse , pursued by hounds of hell , torches lit afire , and if caught surely I’d be hanged in the morrow with her left in sorrow , it was too much to bare
and she fell to her knees looking up blowing kisses at me , what were we to do
I told her not to fear and swept her off her feet and fled with her down the mighty stairs , winding and well
it is down there at the bottom I took the swords of the sentinels who fell and
with her behind me , we’d make our rebel , I’d make sure I never hanged and she’d not be left in sorrow , I’d cut a path of bloody frenzy to defend my love to ensure we’d be married in the morrow

Travis Smith
DOC #A529433

Categories: poems, Travis Smith

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