James Ward

Revolutionary Greetings, by James Ward

I’ve decided to take this time to explain the project I’m working on and need help with, for all those who may be following my blogs and just haven’t reached out to me yet. Its alot to explain, but its worth it when I sit back and think about the things it will accomplish that nothing else has seemed to do so yet. I know that its many organizations out there that profess to do what I’m tryna do for us prisoners, but what I’ve seen and experienced is different. I’ve been trying to get in contact with organizations that I’m suppose to be a member of to get their support with what I go thru in here, but these places never accept my calls (Black and Pink, Ultra Violate, Workers World, etc). Its the locals of organizations that seem to help us prisoners more than the National branches, the headquarters. The locals of these organizations come out of their pockets to try and support us, to accept collect calls when we can’t make prepaid calls. But many locals struggles with finances just like us. Headquarters developes all these fundraisers, but none of us inmates get any help from them. Its many of us inmates in here that has no outside support whatsoever in order to make phone calls, write letters, buy commissary when c/o’s are spitting in food, etc. We need the outside support, but many of us our discouraged because thats what we lack. Headquarters don’t accept our collect calls when we try to reach out in need of their help in times of trouble. We need help with phone calls and postage stamps to be able to get the word out and maintain communication, but also with commissary.
My project concerns all prisoners in the US and free world supporters, to come together and create an alliance to fight for all of our human rights together. I see too often that each state seems to just focus on their own state prisons alone and not all prisons as one. We’re all in the same boat, going thru the same struggles, so why not we all come together an really get something done. Strength comes in numbers, not individually.
In order to develope my project, I need help from the outside, someone that has experience with twitters and plumfunds…but I’m thinking about making it into a Corporation. My goal is to get the truth out about what we really go thru in here, a place where inmates can post their struggles but also get real help from the outside. Each individual prisoner directly engaged with the twitter needs a local supporter, that way they can develope a Facebook for them and help get their struggles posted.
This is a Movement being created with no discrimination against others. Its many of you out there that may have family locked up that are going thru struggles of there own, so I’m asking you to do it for them if nobody else. By coming together we become stronger. I plan to make a real change in the prison system for all, but help is needed. I’m looking for any locals with the heart and ability to stand up with us prisoners to help us fight for our rights. I can’t build this project on my own.
If you wish, you can contact my sister about this at 937-986-9684. Her name is Amber. But I encourage people to follow my Facebook as well.
Enough of just sitting around. If you got family in here, or you just want to make sure a prisoner gets the support they need…let’s come together and create this alliance.

James Ward
DOC #517-461

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