Timothy VanGundy II

Introducing Timothy VanGundy II

I got arrested October 14th 2014 for a home invasion. Its a funny story… Ok its not really funny at all, it cost me 14 years and 9 months of my life! The actual release date is October 24th 2028. Fortunately not all of my time is mandatory and I can get released early. Hey everyone has to hope for something, right?
Im a 34 year old white male, people say I look like the actor Vin Diesel. I say all baldheaded white guys look the same. Ha! Im not your usual inmate, because I dont do the whole ‘Gang” thing or spend all of my time chasing drugs. I love to read (anything educational) and I TRY to be positive everyday. I love music, mostly love songs, doesnt matter, country , rock, poprandb or rap… But they got to be love songs than just something authentic and that I can relate to. I like working out and taking care of my body. Thats the only thing we really own that they cant take from us in here, so I cherish it.
I just rode to this prison from a different one for ‘establishing a relationship’ with a staff member. Meaning… I had an affair with a nurse. I told you I was a sensitive thug, lol! I never meant for it to happen. It just sort of happened and honestly Im glad that it did. Its funny something as sillyas a fling gave me the best gifts ever. It gace me… Me again!!! It gave me purpose and most of all it gave me hope….
At this time in my life I was just done, not suicidal or anything I was just defeated. Its like I had more fight in me , just no will to go on. I was stuck in this rut for a few months when somehow I got a job. It was cool, it kept me busy and I got to see all the staff members as they came in. One day I saw this pretty girl in scrubs come in walking through the hallway and all of a sudden I just snapped out of it. Its like I woke up.!!! I didnt have a plan or anything I was just happy to go to work and see this gorl. It didnt matter though I had a reason to care, even if it was something silly…..

Timothy VanGundy II
DOC #A721720


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