Justin Harris

by Justin Harris

hi my name is Justin Harris i’m 6’4 235 lbs, i’m dark skin but not that dark, i love to write poems, love letters, and i also love to make people laugh i’m 29yrs old and i’m single i’m looking for a friend who i can possibly start a relationship i am incarcerated for attemped agg. murder, 2 burgalry rsp of a weapon and i was given 19yrs but i am working on an appeal which i should be getting back on it’s a long story but just know i shouldn’t have went to prison for someone else charges but God will see me through i dont know what else to say but i do “NEED” someone in ohio i’m from new jersey and don’t know anyone out here in ohio so please don’t judge me on my charges i’m not who they make me out to be write me

Justin Harris
DOC #A701946


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