Ali Jabbaar

“Bleeding” Part I By Ali Jabbaar

Bleeding from an unseen vein. Elevator pains. Leaving puddles like rain. From thoughts throb like a migraine. I’m cut deep from a self inflicted strike. So now I’m bleeding, trying to save my own life… with a band aid. But the cuts too big to cover up. The media and internet already exposed my guts; then left me to die as they further opened up the wound. Bleeding with limited sources in a room. Hazardous fumes. I might get an infection due to negelction and rejection. No help. Just a bunch of suggestions. I say “I’m bleeding” in shock of my own blood leaving my body; how much of it is love?The bleeding is affecting my systems. Clouding my wiz dumb (wisdom). I’m getting weak giving the vampires all they need. Bleeding emotionally and mentally yet they still feed. Home much of life is left? I can’t even guess. Drowning in my own mess. Bleeding. Don’t know why I thought I was shielded by a vest. I got hit, but he, she and them felt it. Ricochet but I don’t know who else was severally damaged. Or who’s rapidly recovering. Sure not I. no longer can i say ” time sure does fly”..The bleeding put everything at halt and then slow motion. Bleeding through then pours of my skin, drying out the lotion. Feels like im floating in the ocean. Its only a matter of time before the sharks get there portion. This is extortion. I have to fight and or pay. I’d rather lie here and lay. Pray God take me away. Blood shown when I talk. Seen on everything I touch. I think I’ve bled too much. They say I’m bleeding just enough.

Ali Jabbaar
DOC #623086

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