Alan Thrower

BLACK ZIONIST by Alan Thrower

By One God
Ain’t nobody showing proof On Things Unseen. These are Ideas Born, and somehow grew into a concept. Throwing light on the facts! and set fourth truth, the point of view from the White’s and the Black’s On what y’all thought y’all knew about governmental Tax. Then, what has restrained the beast of pray called Men? You. And by this I stand. Every Man aims At power. Everybody wants it. But what is served For white men being in Power today? Under the collapse of a Superpower. The law of Right no longer lies in Force, and it Never did 2 you…..So if Government is “Law of life” implement the “Law of Black” back into it Then we will become equals. They basically say, “Gods purpose was that White cometh to Earth and birth a new world” right? But Never did he intend for a power so Dark To end Black Zion. But powers are shifting….Perplexed, they cannot find where this power stems from… Or what direction it goes in and who it’s coming from? It says “Give me back what I want…….Black Zion and let my people Go” and doesn’t everyone know the Story of Moses??? A man dedicated to freeing his people….But First we start with Love! Peace! Happiness! Not with Hate, Deceit, Sadness…To come and recognize God’s chosen people as the first, truth from the beginning…You must be kidding if you think Force and Make-Believe would Win me over with lies in front of my face, you see with Liberty, Equality, Fraternity We can get back our natural race. Black Zion, A father passes on to his sons the knowledge of Black Zion bringing back Peace, Quiet, and Solidarity we rarely expect a White world coming to ruin upon the release of incarcerated Black prisoners. United against a common enemy we stand for any White Man who develops the plan of Black Zion again is worth, in the sight of God a thousand who are not. Black Zion Lives, becoming more and more of a reality. More efficient, this new race of Zionist exist. Exposing a rare breed that fits. The idea no longer sits and wait. It spreads that God be birth back into existence. A BLACK ZIONIST

Alan Thrower #AI1509

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