Charles Watkins


As stated above, my name is Charles Lee Watkins. I was born on October 28,1951, in the city of Chicago. I’lll turn Sixty-eight (68) years young on the twenty eighth of this month, October. I am five feet, eleven inches tall. My hair is salt & pepper, with more black than gray. I have brown eyes; and my complextion is light brown. I am in excellent mental and physical condition for my age. This is mainly do to the fact that I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs of any kind. I am often told that I look much younger than my soon to be sixty-eight years. I weigh two hundred and eight pounds. I have no sexually transmitted diseases. I suffer from mild high blood pressure do to the stress of being incarcerated. But manage to keep it under control through diet and exercise.
Well, enough about me, for now; and about how I came to be in this hell on earth.
In August of 1985 I was sent to prison after being convicted for aggravated murder. My conviction rested on the testimony of co-defenda-nts who testified against me to save their own behinds.
I was charged with aggravated murder in the commission of a felony, pursuant to OHIO REVISED CODE

Charles Lee Watkins
DOC #A186260

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