Deborah Reese

The Devastating Destruction in California by Deborah Reese

I have been talking with others around me and we all share concerns about the things we see happening in and around our beloved country.
The main tragedy in my thoughts today is the devastating eruptions of fire consuming our great state of California. From the north and from the south fire is racing through tens of thousands of acres of land not bypassing whole cities and neighborhoods. The fires have taken the lives of many good people, both young and old with hundreds still missing and the numbers growing with every breath we take.
Is enough being done to stop these fires and save our beloved state, neighbors and loved ones?
I haven’t been to California but I have been a first responder. I would like to extend my heart felt gratitude to the very heroic men and women whether from the state of California or across the many miles of highways that have come together to help fight this monster. We also need to remember their families left behind that have sacrificed so graciously by being without their loved ones that have gone to help others.
In closing, a quick question to President Donald Trump:
If you had a home and loved ones in the path of these horrific wildfires would you as President, The most powerful man in charge if our country, find some way that more could be done to save this state and the people that love it?

Deborah Reese
DOC #301820


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