Davin Wallace

“Sacrifice” by Davin L. Wallace

Often people desire to have something, but how often do we sacrifice to have what we want. I see the fruitless results of unbalanced thoughts/desires & actions everyday, even with myself. Many want the magazine body or to live healthy but compared to the many, only few sacrifice to get it. Only few sacrifice certain foods & time to exercise to get the result. I’ve seen people love a person & desire to be with that heart pounding one & at the same time struggle to give up others, flirting, lifestyle, cheating, time etc., & in prison I’ve seen people including self at one point want to be free but continue to live in the same patterns or even worser than what got us locked up in the first place. I can credit these actions to a few things: unstable thinking, lying to self about what you truly desire or & not willing or can’t sacrifice. At one point of time I didn’t take the word nor act of sacrifice serious. But after realizing the sacrifice Christ gave for the world, made me look at what & who I ever sacrifice(d) for. Looking at my life honestly, I shamefully admit I never truly sacrificed for others nor my own best interest. If I truly would have sacrificed for my children & self best interest I wouldnt be locked up. If I truly would have sacrificed for just one relationship, I’ll probably still be in it with love. Jesus Christ gave a sacrifice that make natural men & women look like the selfish, weak & unloving people we are apart from him. I know a lot of people right now giving me the business, running down how they sacrifice to raise their children, pay bills, put food on the table, be faithful to their spouse etc. Kudos. I commend you on all of that, but you need to know those are not sacrifices, their obligations. You have no other logical responsible choice. Our obligations become sacrifices when we put things or people we didnt have to be obligated to over the things & people we should have been obligated to at first. I encourage you to keep your joy for living up to your obligations because a lot has missed the mark. Christ wasn’t obligated to save us, we actually deserved & still do deserve punishment of death for our sins but because of love, grace & mercy God gave us Christ to be slaughtered & hung to death to save us from “our” sins. That’s sacrifice. Many love their children, wives, parents, friends etc., but how many jumping in front of a bullet, going to prison, taking the blame & guilt for someone else who is guilty of the wrong that caused the effect. I believe a lot of us underappreciate Christ sacrifice & undervalue how much our small sacrifices are truly worth in the lives of others & even to ourselves. You will know something’s or someone’s true worth when you come to sacrifice for them or not.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851


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