Eric Carr

“Lebanon Life” BY: ERIC CARR

Im Eric Carr and i am 29 years old.I was originally born in Florida on March 18, 1989. I moved to Ohio with my mom to be close to her side of the family when i was only about 3 years of age.I grew up on a farm with my grandma and grandpa.There i learned some of the facts of life, and some of those i put to good use and ome of those not so much.In my years of schooling i learned several things like going thru Precision machining in my junior and senior years of high school. But when i got out I worked in a machine shop and i really didnt care that much for the work enviroment and i quit that profession and started working construction.This is the profession that i began to fall in love with and i excelled greatly.But before i just skip to the end i must share some other things about my self.I fell in love with my sons mother in high school and we were together for around 8 years.My son is now 10 and is the greatest accomplishment of my life.He is my world.So the reason for me being incarcerated is that i fell into a deep dark world and was addicted to bath salts in 2011… i originally caught my case in may of 2011 which included a sentence of 4 years.I started out this long journey by getting a judicial release in 2012 and i completed 4 years out of 5 years of community control.I then fell addicted to alcohol and i began to slip into the cracks.So to make a long story short i ended up getting violated on my probation and was sent back to do the remainder of my 4 years sentence,which turned out to be right around 34 months and my new release date is MAY 8,2019…. which is just a short stretch from here after what i have already done…i have way more to tell about and i will shortly whenever i have more time to type on my jpay…

DOC #A614-658


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