Deborah Reese

Introducing Deborah Reese

My name is Deborah Reese #301820. I am 64 years old and currently incarcerated in a West Tn. Prison. I was incarcerated in Feb. 1997 and I’m seeing the possible date I may go up for parole is in 2049. I do not have a definite experation date as of now. To help people who want to investigate me, I’m in prison on a murder charge.
Blogging and computers are new to me but I like to write and share ideas with others.The older I get the more opinions I seem to have. I do feel like I have things that need to be heard.
Not just about the corrupt justice system or prison life but also the many crimes covered up by prison authorities to keep the funding by the public taxpayers and politicians to fill their pockets and keep the prisons operating. It is a major money maker.
My blogs will not be on the same subject everytime. I have alot to say. I hope to stir enough interest in truth and facts to activate everyone to follow me on this site.
If you would like to contact me for any reason, maybe your take on what I wrote, please contact me by signing on my e-mail at or you can write me through the US Postal System at:

Deborah Reese #301820
WTRC 11-A-07
480 Green Chapel Rd.
Henning, Tn. 38041

Thank you, I am interested in hearing from you.


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