Donovan Clark

The Empowerment Of Women by: DONOVAN DAVID CLARK

For the past year or so, I have been looking on with pride at all of the social change that has come on the heels of the Me Too Movement. The time has truly come for women to be viewed as the Divine Co-Creators they were intended to be.
Yes, prosecuting and placing in jail the individuals who heartlessly take advantage of women is a step in the right direction. But it shouldn’t stop there. Society as a whole needs to be re-educated about a woman’s worth. Ideas regarding stereotypical “gender” roles should be eradicated. And what constitutes femininity should clearly be redefined.
I applaude the entertainment industry for generating positive, and powerful, female characters for movies and television shows. That’s fine. How about instead of making up fictitious personages, we celebrate the real superwomen in our midst.
It’s okay to look up to women such as Sally Ride, who was the 1st woman is space; Angela Davis, who’s a community activist and professor; Sandra Day O’Conner, who was the 1st woman Supreme Court Justice; or even the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. To only name a few.
What about the single mothers who work multiple jobs in an effort to provide for their children? What about the wives who juggle family and work, and still find the energy to give back to their communities? Or, what about the young women growing up in today’s culture who are brave enough to live their own truth and not give in to “social pressure” to be someone else?
On a molecular level all of creation exists due to the harmony that’s achieved between the proton, neutron, and electron, which are the component parts of an atom. The proton being positively charged represents the Masculine Principle. While the electron being negatively charged represents the Feminine Principle. The neutron as a neutral particle has no charge, but it represents the force (mind/thought) that maintains the union.
Point being, nothing in creation can subsist without the Feminine Principle, i.e. woman. The very Laws of Nature require a balance, or harmonious co-operaton, between the Masculine and Feminine. This scientific fact has always been in the forethought of humanity. Just look at the ancient Biblical tradition of the Israelites, who worshipped both Yahweh (God the Father) and Shekhinah (God the Mother).
Prophet Sharif Abdul Ali in the “Circle 7” writes: ‘When the eyes of men gaze on you with delight, and nature whispers in your ear the meaning of their looks; hear with caution their seducing words; guard well your heart, neither listen to their soft persuasions. Remember you are made man’s sensible protector, not the slave of his passion; the purpose of your existence is not to gratify his lewd desires, but to assist him in the toils of life….’
Aside from being governesses, women are mankind’s first teachers. Since the womb is humanity’s 1st classroom, then wouldn’t it make sense to equip the Divine Genius of humankind (women) with the proper informtion that can be transmitted to suceeding generations with the hope of uplifting fallen humanity?
We have definitely come a long way. But in my opinion, there is still alot that needs to be done.

HOTEP (Peace)

DOC #390-726


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