Davin Wallace

“Preparation”, by Davin L. Wallace

Our lives in Christ in this world is constantly one of preparation for future endeavors for our Lord God now & to the end of time, & for heaven which is for eternity. My time incarcerated has been one of a greater purpose than “my” mind could comprehend. Even though I now know that by God’s grace I was placed here for discipline, correction & punishment all out of love, grace & mercy for my, others & the Kingdom of God benefit. Also my being placed here is for my molding & preparation thru trials, tribulations & test by the Word of God & Holy Spirit out of the same, love, grace & mercy. The Father God & bridegroom Jesus Christ want literally the best for His child & bride, & offers nothing but the best. So now knowing this, I’m committed to trusting God where I’m at knowing I’m literally good in the best way possible. Even to know the things I desire & pray for that is in line with the Father’s desires for me, is already given to me thru Christ. But as any great earthly father our heavenly Father prepares us even better for every great gift He gives by blessing, healing, delivering us internally first so the externally blessings be received, understood & extended for His purpose. Far as exiting the realms of a natural prison, some “Nos” have been out of love, grace & mercy just as one “Yes” will be out of love, grace & mercy for the benefit I spoke of earlier. By grace & in faith I’m able to now wait patiently & joyfully for that 1 yes. That same grace let me know thru Holy Spirit that I got work to do now & my preparation never cease. Through recent revelation concerning my future I’ve been encouraged & enlightened to prepare for what’s predestined for me to recieve. I desire to be prepared to be a life long great father, family member, husband, minister, friend, businessman, restorer of the community & people I help destroy & those alike, & a dedicated humble servant. So with saying I got to accept & consistently indulge in the preparation of The Father thru the Holy Spirit. Since 2009 I have worked on creating a nonprofit, ADULTS, CHILDREN & ELDERS IN 1,inc. (A.C.E IN 1). A nonprofit organization created to curb the many issues of our society involving all ages, races, culture etc. Provisions consist of but not limited to assisting & loving our veterans & the elders of our communities with time, meals, assisting w/chores etc; assisting single parents with emotional, financial & educational support through groups & classes. A.C.E IN 1 is aimed to touch & better the lives of addicts of all kind, all youth, ex convicted felons, victims of violent crimes etc. This organization initial purpose is to make our communities great by building structure & healing within, with the ultimate goal of making the world around us a better place. I believe me sharing this was spirit led, maybe this is part of the preparation.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851


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