Dennis Watson

No shame… By Dennis J. Watson

What a shame, for a piece of fame you’d walk through flames to hold on to, & the 3 degrees of separation was never enough to scold you, the old me is just the cold you, i know you, even though we’ve never met before, I am forever torn between the abstract & abnormity, it’s only me though, as fast as it begins & ends life is still slow, it’s a shame we live & die, go to jail & fry, go to hell to provide the bill folds, we know God can’t spend the money, in the world that love leaves & hug seems everything but sunny, funny thing, life i mean, but i’d be twice & old in the face if holding on was my main thing, let it go, you’d rather let it grow into the monster deep in the closet, the old lady that died from your pride when she went for the ATM deposit, you probably thought no one knew about that, how can i tip my hat to a fattened pocket when you never tip with that, you have no shame, you feel no pain nor sympathy, until karma returns fullfold & your granny’s murder’s a mystery, it took me a long time to start listening to a lifelong history that seems to repeat, as unique & pristine life is there’s error for the dicreet, we are not perfect, you find me one that hasn’t done something that seems just a bit unfit, with no mits, i’ve been in this fight since the beginning of my life’s end, my nights haven’t been the warmest since my heart has died within, until, i was revived, i’d be a lie if i said in this cage i wasn’t grateful to be alive, for every hateful thing i’ve ever felt it still subsides, my mind had been made up, & it’s a shame that it’s taken this long to admit, i will sit & die an undeserving death before you’d reach within, shamefully, i say painfully because it has to be stated, you couldn’t love anything outside yourself because it’s all you’ve ever hated, the world has became loveless, no hope for homeless, & so rich & fat to be deemed as unfit, to breathe, i believe we’ve come this far for the madness to unweave, i mean, i’ve seen things that the blind screams at when they have dreams, i have needs, just like the next, it doesn’t mean i’d fall to a weakness i’d know better to invest, in, the rest is when my breath takes it’s last wind, then i’ll be at peace, with no one to be above or beneath, peace is something that will never come, because the world will never grieve, in the end it’s just me, myself, & I, but as long as time exists, there will be, no love, no peace, & no shame for it to fit…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632-936

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  1. Be encouraged. Something that stuck out to me was your writing on the homeless. Out here, we have many good ministries that provided free food and shelter for the homeless. We also provide clothes, help with getting jobs, and other resources. There is still love in the world, if you look for it in the right person. That person is going to be the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the reason I do what I do, because that is what God said he wanted in the Holy Bible, when I study it.

    There is a man in my church who went to prison, and while there he found God. Now, he is out of prison and established in our church as a strong man of God. He takes it seriously and he does not mess up. There is always hope! There is always Jesus Christ, the Redeemer and Savior of our souls, if you want it for real! It is not too late.

    I LOVE YOU and so does God! Never forget this! I am for real!


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