Donovan Clark


Age: 39
Intake/Release Date: 2/17/2000; Life

“As a child my parents made sure that I was brought up in a inclusive and loving atmosphere. My neighborhood was mixed, the schools I attended had students from various racial, religious, and economic backgrounds, and not to mention the racial diversity among my own friends and family.
I was fortunate I never had to deal with any sort of overt racism or discrimination while growing up. It wasn’t until I came to prison that I began to witness the erroneous “supremacist” mentality on full display.
I just figured it was because of the environment I was in. But I soon realized that guys were just afraid and did what they tought was right in order to survive.
From the very beginning I vowed to never allow this abnormal environment to pervert the Divine Principles my parents instilled in me as a child.
I truly believe that the only way to dispel the false beliefs of one race being superior and another race inferior, is through education, compassion, and love.

HOTEP (Peace)

3791 St.Rt 63
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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  1. Hi cuz I haven’t seen you in along time I have four kids now there names are Eddie his 30 Tamala she is 28 Iverson his 24 and last is cherae she is 16 me I’m 50 I promise mac mac and uncle Preston that I was going to look you u I love you cus it’s me lisa pope I wish you were here to be in my wedding I miss you alot and yes I ask about you alot but I have read what you are doing keep up the good work I remember the child good and the people next door you u look good now while keep up the word and in the words of your late uncle jr don’t for get to pray


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