Jacob Bednasrki


its crazy that i have to ask people these types of question while being in here… are you in or are you out..people who claim there love for you is everlasting .. but fail to take 10-15 minutes of their day to write you or at least let you know how they are and to tell you you on they mind..theese will end up being the same people who come 6-9 months left in here they will be writing me nonstop askin me if im doing ok or if imtryna work things out…im optimistic and a realist.. i know this is gonna be a struggle from the beginning so i give the choice from the start.. are you in or out????i know you so called love me … i respect and love you back… but dont leave after 2 years and expect to come back bb4 i leave… ima tell you.. shoulda been in , not out..

DOC #A634-699


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