Erik Nelson

Conversations of love’s introduction: ( intellectual poetry) by Erik Nelson

I approached her as she sat in the cafeteria alone eating lunch and said if having the qualities to love’s character of being stunningly attractive allowed a man to define you as being significantly worthy would you appreciate the acknowledgment of being gratefully adored even if you were purposely and unapologetically interrupted by the appeal of being seen as pleasantly delightful, she responded with an intense and rather shy stare into my eyes and said im absolutely flattered, and i humbly thankyou for the pleasant and heartfelt sincere compliments because i’ve never been approached by a man that only wanted to extend the thoughts of loveliness, and i would have never consciously considered fantasizing about being liberated in praise, I responded and said my mother once told me when I was younger that the value of confidence is to give a woman the honesty of what you silently desire even if it means stepping beyond your nature of being coy, she responded with an admiring look of infatuation as if she was ready to surrender and submit her vow of commitment and said for so many years i’ve dreamt and patiently hoped for a man that would eventually come and give me the security of confidently being comforted as being preciously cherished, and honestly my expectations of believing and anticipating love’s rescue had become something that seemed impossible, I responded and said its amazingly wonderful staring into a woman’s eyes as she so innocently and thoughtfully stands in the beauty of being femininely attractive while expressing her humble appreciation of a man sincerely pursuing her, and I must say the possibilities of love is beyond impossible because love’s offer is to give the stability of everything imagined including the gentleness of being held with the satisfaction of happiness, she responded with a piercing and seductively defiant stare into my eyes as if she was ready to leap into the comfort of marriage and said sometimes the wonder of just thinking nof hearing the words of a man define the sensitivity of love’s worth is like sitting alone in a room drifting in the adventure of wandering while hoping to eventually become captured and held in the assuredness of his undeniable authority, I responded and said love’s offer is not disguised by the manipulation or deception of selfishly being arrogant as if a man can live the entirety of his life without the beauty of a lovely woman because a man’s hope is to not live in the loneliness of missing the equal of what gives him the completion of being thrilled, she responded and said if the honesty and completion of love was defined freely unpurchased i’d pay everything i have just to keep from losing nothing because if love only cost the dedication of time why waste the chance of forever being changed!

Erik j. nelson #445-941
P.O. Box 56
lebanon ohio 45036

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