Matthew Epperson

Quality Over Apperance by Matthew Epperson

I’ve always been like this. Show me what you can do on a rinky-dink guitar with new strings, impress me with the mundane, surprise me with a seemingly normal joke. I want quality in everything I do, but I couldn’t careless about apperance.

This morning in my journal I realized (for the thousandth time) that my handwriting is garbage! But, I love writing. Does the apperance of horribly written words destroy the value of their meaning? I pray not. The look of words are only 5% of the value, while sound and taste are the definite gauge (I don’t know if its 5%, but it sounds nice) Imagine a cake that looks like the monster from the Gooneys. But then imagine it tasting better than Martha Stewart’s greatest invention. Wouldn’t it be a pleasant surprise to dive into something atrocious to find that it’s one of the most delictable things you’ve ever experienced? I think so. The same goes for my writing (I know, it’s a sin to flatter oneself) A better comparison should be for my music, though I’ve played for 17 years. Even at the beginning stages of playing music, like the beginning stages of writing, I enjoyed it. And out of my enjoyment, came the enjoyment of others. I have a hope that the people that read my books, listen to my music, or glaze over my blog, will find a poorly dressed diamond and cherish what they’ve obtained. I love writing. I love music. And out of that love, I believe that you will love it. Scratch that; I know you will love it.

I want to encourage you all to invest into your loves. Make time to expand on your hobbies, train for that marathon, or slow down and enjoy the mountain view. You have those loves for a reason. Everyone person is different, yet there is always someone who will share the same loves, interests, and ambitions as yuo do. Find them and share. Share your loves, like I share mine with you all.

Have a wonderful weekend world and invest into yourself.

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812


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