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Never say Goodbye – By Montrae’ Houston

Growing up my Grandmother was always on my siblings and I, from how we spoke to eachorther to how we should have our clothes ironed the night before school. However one of the things she was most serious about was how we said our “farewells” to eachorther. It was and still is like a family law, Never Say Goodbye! I can still her her now, “Say see you later, Dont say Goodbye to me until the Lord call my name”.She even had a poem she would recite to us when we would slip up and say it,it goes: ” When I say I love you, believe me its true. When I say forever, know I’ll never leave you. When I say Goodbye, promise not to cry,because the day i’ll be saying that will be the day that I die”
The way she explained it to my cousins,siblings, and I was simple. You say Goodbye to someone you dont plan on ever seeing again. When you say see you or talk to you later, in some way its like you are trying to manifest that you will infact, see or talk to that person later.
That has stuck with me through my life, anyone who is close to me, from friends to teachers, even old girlfriends, know when we end our phonecalls or go our seperate ways we Never Say Goodbye.
So the next time you are seperating or departing from a loved one, make sure you tell them you will “see them later or talk to them later”. Lord willing, you will be doing one or both of them sooner rather then later.
The reason this is on my mind is because my older brother just brought my 4 year old neice too see me for the first time. That little girl looks just like my younger sister (random) lol. Well when she left she said “Bye Uncle”. I had to tell her about saying that, (she literally said Bye again while they were walking out the door, lol its cool thoe). She will get use to me being on her like they use to be on me when I SEE AND TALK TO HER LATER. šŸ™‚
Well thank you for visiting my blog. TTYL-

Montrae’ Houston
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