Luis Cardona

my thoughts by Luis Cardona

I been incarcerated for seven years
and I have two years left
I really was looking to see a change in the prison system in
Ohio, we are doing day for day..
some of us with non violent cases
issue one seemed to be some relief
a chance for some of us to get a break.
I have done almost all of my time with a
non mandatory sentence.
two left isn’t much after been here, this long
I just don’t understand the system
here in Ohio, we are not only punished to a sentence
of like me nine years, but with PRC of mandatory five years
my sentence now has become thirteen and half years
if I was to violate my terms of probation
it went from nine to thirteen
why isn’t the sentence of nine
if I have five years paper
do I have to do my whole nine and then
have five years paper? they should of let me out at
half of my time, with the chance to better myself
if I screw up then send me back.
its BSD enough where you can’t even program yourself until you have two
years to the door, its like were sitting here doing nothing productive, so many
of us who are not here on violent cases, should be able to do more productive
things. the system is screwed up completely.
housing, and housing so many men and women
taking them away for such long periods
from there children, not only is there is a problem
with drugs, kids are fatherless, motherless
separating families, for many years… more than any
state. I do hope that some time there comes a change,
Luis Cardona six thirty- three twenty five

Luis Cardona
DOC #A630325


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