MY LOVER by Kammy Igo

I’m at a point in my life where everything is changing, but the one thing that remains consistent is my love for you. We don’t talk often, since I’ve been in prison.. hardly at all. 245 days in and there hasn’t been at day that you haven’t somehow crossed my mind. I’m growing as a person and the person that I am I LOVE – My morals, my values, my personality, I’m in love with it all. For the first time I can feel myself getting somewhere, becoming something, essentially I’m doing it for myself. To be a better person, a better daughter and to be a better lover. But I can’t say its all for myself because I can’t wait too come home and just be there for you.. Build my life up and invite you back into it. I’m a realest, I know life out there is still going on and your life is changing minute by minute but God works in mysterious ways.. I have faith and know in my heart THIS IS JUST TEMPORARY. God has my back 100% and knows my dreams and desires. By living right and doing the next right thing.. Everything is going to fall into place. I needed this to sit down an reevaluate life and my life choices..

I loved you more then I loved myself… I didn’t know how to love me. I’m fully equipped now, I love myself more than anything. Me loving myself is me loving God.

In case you didn’t know..

Kammy Igo #100902
Dayton Correctional Institute
4104 Germantown pike
Dayton Ohio 45417


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