Tywan Osborne

Introduction by: Tywan Osborne

Hi my name is Tywan Osborne, but since my incarceration I have taken on my spiritual name of Utowia Lumumba. I am 36yrs of age, I was incarcerated on January 27th 2007, and my release date is January 27th, 2025. And I am currently residing at the Mansfield correctional institution.
A little bit about myself: I am a father of three, two girls and a boy. Since I’ve been incarcerated, I have done a lot of work to remove all of the Self-destructive thinking patterns that brought me to prison. I have studied psychology, my history, and I have also learned the skill of bookkeeping. Among other things in this 12yrs, I have learned to utilize my time by writing, and expressing logical ideas to other ambitious prisoners, about human existence, financial management and how to manifest the hidden potential, that lies dormant inside of the minds of some many individuals who end up in places like this. My purpose is to Minister the truth to people who believe in Gods natural laws, God being the creator of everything in existence.

Tywan Osborne
DOC #530-165


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