Max McBride

Reckless behavior by Max MCbride

Part 1
Reckless behavior

Frozen in time for 23yrs, can make you
a evil man by13 yrs in my bid, I started to
see the ligth a little at first taking a couple steps forward and ten steps back,
If a problem arised, it took me 3 more years into my bid to really learn to
master my emotions and start looking
at the big picture ,first thing I had to do is
stop half stepin& love myself fully through
the good and the bad ,they say what
don’t kill you make you stronger and that
is a fact thank God today, I was talking to
a brother here in prison that got 33 to life
and it hurt my soul because he was so young 22 to be exact its crazy how the
system gives us all this time with no
rehabilitation how can you take a kid
off the streets that long and not give
him a 2nd chance when will it stop
my only solution is to help free my peoples minds and put them in better
positons to succeed when I get out
of prison in 7 yrs coming off of 23
yrs I figth for my life everyday to stay
free mentally its getting easyer because
god is a miracle worker

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513

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