Christopher Beatty-Jones

Introducing Christopher Beatty-Jones

my name is Christopher S. Beatty-Jones. I’m 30 years of age. I was incarcerated at the age of 21 to a sentence of 28yrs.-life. Intake: Sept.9th, 2010. Parole date: Mar.22, 2038. I have the support of my family through this dismal and often depressing time. I love my family to a degree they may never know. I like to read. Some of the authors I’ve read range from Toni Morrison and Ernest J. Gaines to Michelle Alexander and Franz Fannon. My passion is writing and performing my music. I love to perform my spoken word pieces, as well. At this moment, I’m locked in a fight for my freedom with the courts. All prayers are welcome. I’m currently housed at Marion Correctional Institution. I can be reached at:

Christopher S. Beatty-Jones #A636-781
P.O Box 57
Marion, Ohio 43302

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