Jason Mackerchar

“finding Grace” By: Jason Mackerchar

Although this is a bad place there is something that we can have.. A connection.. We get this connection when that special someone captures your heart.. You get to know this person and find out everything about them and the way they think about themselves isnt ever the way you see them in the light that is only for angels. This person has flipped my heart upside down and drilled in happiness and giving me a fighting chance at a reality that seems so reachable.. Friends saying venemous things because they have concern and worry.. But the pure intention comes from my heart not thiers.. No one will know fully until we get there.. But i can say that i am a very pure hearted person and my intentions are to fall deeper and deeper in love so no one can ever break the amount of love put into what is created.. I am not a child or a person who lies and cheats anyone out of the truth..I am a very loyal and respecful kind hearted man that will make happiness happen.. This woman knows who she is and she is very amazing.. She captured my heart and is very deserving of it all.
I am the right to her wrongs.. The medicine to her sadness and the happiness to her everyday life.. I am worth real love and loyalty and she will gve it to me without questions..She is my amazing grace..
When you have that special someone in your life i encourage you to hold on harder then anything because there is things worth waiting for.. The little bit of time that stems between the rest of your life with that person is just a blink to the time you will have with that person.. Forever!!
Thank you for reading my blog..

Jason Mackerchar
DOC #77009

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