Kentrell James

Unknown By: Kenterll James

It all boils down to what’s the point? Why this and why that, why skinny why fat? Why young why so old, or scared why so bold? Why continue to do just what you are told? Do this don’t do that, that’s false this is fact, pay for medication or die from an asthma attack. Why a foot, why a hand, and not a hoof like a lamb, how much we unfold, to how much is untold? Why eyes that can see, why teeth to chew meat, and not wings that can fly and soar high in the sky without planes without jets, technology’s a mess, does it make life too easy, or bring on the stress? Why cold in some places, whe clothed and not naked, why some are so famous even out of me language? Why black and why white, why day and why night? Why moons and why stars and why planets so far that we see and can’t touch, why fate and not luck? The whole world’s an infant it’s growing this instant too big, it’s too much, for a child it’s a rush to grow up with these blessings, without answered questions.

Kentrell James
DOC #549213


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