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I want to state I misread the situation I commented on in the last article. In my mind I believed I was evaluating the circumstances of what happened in a rational mode of pure reason. But it appears my psychological analysis and interpretation of an account of what was said through a mediator did not remain an impassive cogitation but was infiltrated by an underlying emotion that significantly distorted my perception of events.The person whom I thought had misread my intentions was merely being cautious about their job and only acted accordingly. I responded defensively because of a guilty conscious in that there may be a little truth about certain things- though I was not attempting anything inappropriate.I like and respect both people and hope things will remain cordial.
The one individual I met with gave me a neat idea for a spin off for a girl and Neptune,but now I don’t know about using it because of her not wanting to be involved with it,so it kind of cast a gloomy shadow over the idea.And she has hair that inspired a fricking poetic way of describing it that I applied to the character Sara…I love how spryly it is , like a erupting maelstrom of dark fire burning around her pretty face…If I don’t use the spin off story, I’ll find a way to implement it in my story about my opioid addiction and my crime spree…but I can use it only to describe her , since she inspired it.I can use it for a fiction story,that she inspired,but not for another woman in reality. I thought about the Colorado professor lady Dr Tara shelley that came to interview me in 2012,since she had dark curly hair,but decided against it . But I cannot identify the lady here because she does not want to be named and I have to respect her wish…so I might be able to refer to her without identifying her, only mentioning the lady with hair like an erupting maelstrom of dark fire burning around her pretty face.

It is difficult to imagine the mind being in a state of consciousness for an infinity without periods of absolute moments of new beginnings such as the process of death and birth.It seems improbable that the mind could permanently remain in a philosophical state without end.And like relativity and quantum physics , which describe the physical laws of two very different aspects of reality but are only two sides of the same coin , so too is the mind/body union.So this can only mean there will likely always be a physically conditioned universe corresponding to the noumenon of the unconditioned of the pure intellect or platonic realm of ideals. This correlation protects us from the quantum thermodynamic equilibrium that results in the temporal end of a physical universe , until another infinitely hot and dense region experiences a quantum fluctuation of an infinitesimal point of space and hyperinflates it into a expanded cooled region with physical conditions set with the purpose of allowing the philosophical state of the mind to collapse into a non philosophical state in a brain , once again governed by particular laws and principles within a reality experienced through perceptions geared toward that of spatio – temporal dimensions in the low energy state of equilibrium.
It is by means of this quantum state of superposition of the mind that allows it to remain in the two states simultaneously, being both in the pure platonic realm as well as within a brain while alive on a planet orbiting a star in the near vacuum of the abyss.

I can only hope that under the auspices of serendipity and perhaps the order of a new regime and a paradigm shift in the vicissitudes of another generation, I might find relief from this hell and be let out of the gates of purgatory.

we still have time on the clock? alright then, so uh,
is it just me or does it seem the U.S. is doing the same thing Russia is doing with Syria , with backing Saudi Arabia against Yemen and the Houti rebels.The U.S. claims it is against any kind of terrorism, yet will back them with funds and arms as long as their is a common foe. It backed the PKK Kurds which is just another faction of the YPG Kurds,who is aligned with Iran and considered a terrorist group by several countries.All awhile the Saudis bombard Yemen indiscriminately firing on unarmed civilians , creating a humanitarian crisis just as bad as the one in Syria , leaving thousands of children and young adults trembling in terror and in sickness and hunger and homeless.

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