Lovell Prince

EQUALITY – by Lovell Prince (aka Black King)

(an excerpt from “360 Acquisition Becoming Completion: The ABC’s of Lyfe”)
Peace & Blessings to Man, Woman, and Child.
Today’s mathematics is EQUALITY [6], which shows us the science of balance, being equal in all aspects of lyfe. Many people say things that they lack an understanding of, like “being equal in all aspects of lyfe”. Now with a poor understanding, what is the possibility of one living out this reality … or even teaching that science? Allow us to travel the universe to discover the meaning of “being equal in all aspects of lyfe”. Keep in mind that I do not want you to agree with my degree of understanding for the sake of validating my intelligence; I’d rather you get to your own “best part” [understanding] of this expression.
Most think in order to be equal in all aspects of lyfe one must interact with every element of their lyfe the same way, using the same methods. Actually it is quite the opposite. It is sort of like the science of reflection, this is why the Blackwoman’s excellence is Equality. She is the original reflector of the universe. If someone is coming at you extremely aggressive, will your energy be passive in return? What about if one is trying to kill you, will you strive to pacify this person? I would not, because that isn’t a proper balance of energies. Just as if a woman is attempting to embrace me, it would not be wise of me to punch her in the mouth. (NOTE: The author is an adamant opponent to domestic violence).
This is the science of EQUALITY = being equal in all aspects of lyfe. Pretty much it is the reality to be RESPONSIBLE = RESPOND + ABLE (be able to respond to any given cipher). In order to properly reflect the energies coming your way, you must be able to respond in the wisest fashion possible. That is what it means to be “equal in all aspects of lyfe”. Have I made this simple enough to study, knowledge, understand, and teach? If not, should you have any questions, get at me. Peace.


Lovell Prince
DOC #565-478


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