Carlos Piper


wassup everybody its been a while since I’ve been pretty active up here been getting into a lil bit of trouble behind the wall still in the box but I’m on my way out the door for those who don’t know i rap n sing but I’m also a song writer and I’m looking for female (R&B and POP) singers that will be willing to left me write for them I also have a catalog o songs already written that I would like to near recorded I’m asking anyone who happens to read this if YOU or if you know anyone that has any type of connections in the music business weather independent or mainstream or underground can u hit me up so we can network or give that person/persons my information so we can talk music/business I also have very relevant connections of my own which could be helpful to them or you here are a few of my contacts that i can be reached at

Facebook: Los Young
Direct e-mail:
jpay: Carlos Piper 680422-D (state New Jersey)
Name: Carlos Piper
Current Address: (N.J.S.P
Po Box 861
Trenton, Nj 08625)
for any body tryna link up business or socially hit me up

Carlos Piper
DOC #680422-D


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