Dennis Watson

We don’t own each other… By Dennis J. Watson

Relationships have been reduced to ownership, attachment, co-dependence, & abuse. The parents should be blamed for the depreciation of the greatest gift god has given us, women. No matter the race, age, weight, or attitude, they’re in fact divine & interesting if you pay attention to the right things. I finally have a queen, but it was a struggle to finally get there. I really despise using labels for people, like husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Think about it, for every relation,one night stand, or lasting long term communication, we all are subject to certain mechanisms. Hiding things from a girl/boyfriend comes into mind to save the infamous questionairre from happening immediately. The 1st, how many people have you been with, the 1st no no tisk tisk question. I smile because i used to ask this very thing. As men, we become warped into a fantasy land of having a classy whore that doesn’t talk unless it’s some sort of personal benefit. Same goes for women, you ladies want the bedroom beast that is an adonis to you & stable financially besides slaying you to sleep. If the 1st thing either look for is monetary stability you’ve missed out on love already. Looks are usually at the top of the list for everyone, because no one wants to be stuck with the boogerwolf. Stop doing this, shallow hal should’ve taught us all something.
Erase everything you think about relationships & pay attention to what matters, you’re unique & nothing feels better than stepping in with a clean slate. We are naturally loving creatures, nothing needs to be forced. There’s one, or multiples for everyone depending on your strength in the interaction. Nothing should be hidden, EVER, because honesty goes farther than you think. Ya never know what someone is willing to accept if you don’t speak up. I’m not saying tell your life story to a stranger, baby steps. Approach the situation delicately, jumping in the sack fast will kill any expectation or possiblity off top. Dating, i can’t stand this word because plans were made to be broken. Pay attention fellas, listening can be rewarding.
Never give an aggressive decision to make to a man, you’ll lose him quicker than the question. Be yourself, don’t compromise yourself nor your personality to impress anyone. Let them know that you are not in this to control any aspect of their lives. Don’t let your past mistakes dictate something that could damage something beautiful. It’s healthier when you have someone to build with & not have to hide things from. I am a living testament of everything i’m writing. You’d be surprised what the outcome is when you take the “what you see is what you get” approach. Have a sense of humor & stop being so serious, thugs & gangstas smile too. Compliment each other, let one another know you appreciate things about each other. Give respectable space, know your personal boundaries, give & take though. Trust, communication & honesty in the trinity of anything successful. Trust you intuition at all times, it never lies, ever. I love openly & never reject the possibility of it. This is self taught, so i wouldn’t recommend this practice for the fragile. Letting someone be who they are is the biggest relief anyone can experience. You’ll be surprised knowing you don’t have to answer to anyone brings freedom. It takes a brilliant mind to understand the “no labels” clause. It’ll even surprise how close you will become. Don’t let a title change how you treat someone whom you could potentially love. Make sure you have the common goal in mind, or it’s going to fail. Communication, only do things beneficial for everyone as a whole. Remember, we don’t own each other…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #632-936

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