Reality Check by: Tracy Tisdol

These days NJ Court’s sentencing process is a proven failure and an out right crime against everything righteous. To many that would be a shock,however, to some that is just exactly what they knew it was.Focusing on how these courts sentence young offenders, they seem to believe that giving a young offender a harsh sentence will deter another young person for committing a similar crime. Based upon study after study this logic falls shorter than Souja Boy’s rap career. Further more,people especially young people don’t know the law to the point that someone may have committed a crime today and don’t know if they could have been facing a decade; seems not right! Reality Check or FYI,NJ Court’s have already figured a way around that: IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE: Ignorance means a lack of knowledge which could equal a longer sentence. Peace, Love, and Happiness stay woke cuz they LOCK YOU UP IF U AIN’T KNOW…PEACE!!!

Tracy Tisdol
DOC #290743/947657B


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