Lovell Prince

POWER – by Lovell Prince (aka Black King)

Today’s mathematics is POWER, and I would like to go to the King’s Cipher Lesson [Student Enrollment 1-10’s]:
5-What is the total SQUARE mileage of the planet EARTH? When one utilizes their 36 keys [Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets] to decipher this question, it essentially becomes: What is the total “TRUTH” (reality) [Truth/Square of Supreme Alphabets] of your “KINGDOM” (that which you rule) [King/Kingdom of Supreme Alphabets]? Basically, what does all that you govern amount to? The answer determines your POWER!
You cee [understand clearly], the answer in our Lessons to the question What is the total square mileage of the planet Earth, is 196,940,000 square miles.
What you SAY and DO [2 of Supreme Mathematics – Wisdom] within your kingdom will determine what you CREATE [9 of Supreme Mathematics – Born] in said cipher. Which shows and proves what kind of King [11 of Supreme Alphabets – King/Kingdom] you truly are –> 2+9=11.
In summary, the POWER you radiate is determined by the way in which you BEHAVE and the environment you CREATE, which will show and prove to others the type of KING you are through all you accomplish via your WISDOM. Peace.


Lovell Prince
DOC #565-478


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