Louis Husband

Introduction Blog by: Louis Husband

My name is Louis Husband. I go by the name RayLove. I’m 36. I’ve been incarcerated since May, 2005 and my projected out date is 1/24/74. I have four kids, and I am the youngest out of five.

I’ve learned so much about myself since my incarceration and learning more everyday. I have a thirst for knowledge like I never had before, and a passion for science. I sometimes have trouble explaining my thoughts and feelings so I communicate through music, weather it be my own or someone elses’. So I might send someone an e-mail with the name of an artist and the title of their song, to how I see fit a situation, conversation, or just to share a message. And the “ELLEN” show is a must watch!
I look forward to reading different perspectives on a wide range of subject matter, and equally excited to share.

I can be reach at:

Louis HUSBAND #518177
P.O. Box 56 (Le.C.I)
Lebanon, OH 45036
or through JPay.


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