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Introducing James Scott

Dear Readers,
My name is James B. Scott, my friends call me Jay-Jay…I am the founder and C.E.O. of the organzation call SELF-MADE-BROTHERHOOD, Inc. (SMB). We also have a SISTERHOOD attached to the BROTHERHOOD. As the founder of the organization I would like to share my story with you about where I’m from, where I’ve been, and where I’m headed.

I was born in Portsmouth, Va. 1974; I grew up in a city where the hoods are very dangerous. The hoods I grew up in is called Lincoln Park & London Oaks. As a kid growing up in those neighborhoods I was exposed to a lot of bad things at a very young age. By the time I reach the age (14) I had dropped out of school and start running the streets heavily… whatever you can think of that goes on in those streets I probably done it or knows somebody who had.

What attracted me to the streets life was the money, nice cars, big homes, and the women. But we all know in that life things don’t end well. Some end in death, some end with a long prison sentence, and little get out before it’s too late…For me I ended up with a (23) years prison sentence. Fortunately for me during my incarceration my life changed. My mindset changed for the better…I started to think about ways to improve my life in the right way. So, I started to study business to the point it became a part of me life.

My dreams for (S.M.B.) is build an event building design to help give back to the communities in ways they never seen before. S.M.B. movement have big plans for the communities that’s unfortunate, and if anyone who are about moving towards something that’s positive are more than welcome to be a part of this organizational movement towards rebuilding and changing our communities as well as massive incarceration. Title to my blog is :


As you come to know doing my incarceration I started studying business to the point it became a part of my life. In my course of studying business, I had to learn the laws of business and what I found was the (acts and mistreatment) being imposed on us do to Court System (Court of Justice). The purpose of this blog is to help those that may not be enlighten about (actions and mistreatments) that’s being imposed on us by these attorney’s, prosecutors, and judges. The information I am about to expose can be researched and found to be true.


Commercial Crimes states under : Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Title 27 section 72.11. states : Any of the following crimes (Federal or State): Offenses against the “Revenue Laws” are : burglary counterfeiting, forgery, kidnapping, larceny, robbery, illegal sale or possession of deadly weapons, prostitution (including soliciting, procuring, pandering, white slaving, keeping house of I’ll fame, and like offenses), extortion, swindling and confidence games, and attempting to commit, conspiring to commit, or compounding any of the forgoing crimes. Addiction to narcotic drugs and use of marijuana will be treated as if such were commercial crimes.
Government being a creation of mankind is only a piece of paper. As the government, being a piece of paper, could only create a Corporation, which in itself is only a piece of paper; neither being able to sign a lawful contract with a living soul. As all governments are Corporations themselves, they do not have the ability to sign a lawful contract, for whomever would be so brave, make themselves liable for the execution of the Contract, thereby losing their Limited Liability to prosecution for contract. All Corporations must have someone to speak for them, the government came up with their own solution, The Lawyer, who has been appointed to speak for all Corporations in the Courts they have created. The government then came up with a solution to lawful contract and it is called “Unilateral Contract” , or a one signature contract. In their own description of the unilateral contract, it says that they were probably written up by a lawyer or group of lawyers to commit fraud with the intent to extort monies from the signers.

The lawful problem with these contracts aside from that they only have the signature of one party to the contract. In many cases such as bank contracts of signatures for checking purposes, the contract is never shown to the depositor. All contracts pertaining to Corporations signed by a one party participant are fraud from their conception are used to extort monies from the people. They cannot be enforced except with our permission or consent by assent.

From the beginning of mankind, they have the right to contract with whoever o whatever they so choose. The government then set their court system apart from the Constitution and it’s people and then invited the people to Contract with their court system under the Foreign Jurisdiction Flag, to allow them to settle their disputes. Of course, since a “Person” to the government is described as a Corporation and (considered as a member of society), they then treat any living soul who contracts with their court system as a Corporation and they are a “Legal Person or Artificial Person”, a Debtor cannot speak for itself.

The system is called a “Legal System” , meaning it is Legal what they are doing. Legal meaning-with your consent. After gaining your consent it then becomes lawful in their court system for whatever they choose to do to you.

Law or Lawfulness is Constitutional is subject matter for no Law can be enacted (or supposed to be) without an enabling clause from the constitution of the state or the United States of America.

The court does not have a contract with a party until the party gives the judge his/her name – until that time (the judge) is merely an actor in a black robe.

The contract the court is trying to get with party is to contract is to contract the party under the Foreign Jurisdiction Flag.

The judge do not file their their Oath of Office into their court room, thereby acting under Administrative Law-whatever they want it to be. The laws passed since 1926 have all been signed by the President for – The British Accreditation Regency (BAR) from the State of New York, making all laws come under the BAR, so they are nothing more than codes, rules, regulations, statutes, procedures for the Corporations to follow. The only way you have of making the judge uphold his oath is to file it into the case and restrict him/her to the law that you want him/her to follow.

Under this system of consent, a living soul never has to accept the ruling of the court-but they must object at all times to the (action being taken). All persons spending time in prison were sent there by their own words. They did not ask for allocation. Example : Judge : Did you receive a fair trial ? Answer : Yes. (Do you feel that 23 years is a reasonable sentence? Yes.) We just sentenced ourselves to prison. This is aided and abetted by the parties lawyers who has the party that he/she understands the judge in the sentence phase of the trial and tells the party that he/she understands the judge is going to probably give you a 23 years sentence instead of the 33 years you could have got.

The other part of the problem is with the Laws in today’s court-the total lack of laws. The charge and intent are lumped together in one charge and you cannot plead innocent – you must plead guilty, not guilty, no contest – thereby giving the court jurisdiction. All the courts have been lumped together into one court, Administrative/Admiralty and Civil (Contract/Commerce). With the advent of your plea – you go under Administrative – any law they want to use to convict you.

In order for a law to be construed as Law it must have am enacting clause from the source the law came from, i.e. king, legislative, etc. All laws proceeding from the state legislatures must have an enacting clause – ” Be it enacted by the legislature of the State.” A legislature can only introduce a bill – it cannot introduce a law. It must go through, be approved unanimous by the House, signed by the Leader of the House, be approved by the Senate, signed by the Leader of the Senate, signed by the Leader of the Governor and the Bill becomes Law. Now it is checked against the Constitution to find the enabling clause from it was written. If the Constitution does not allow for the law, then it is void from its inception.

Have you ever heard a party can challenge the Enacting part of the Law or the Subject Matter Jurisdiction of the matter he or she is being tried for violating at any time of the trial or upon conviction, while in prison. Usually it is not a Law a party is being tried for breaking but a Code, Rule, Regulation, or Breach of Contract.

THE PROPER RESPONSE TO THIS IS THAT “WE ARE BEING SUED.” Back in the days on the court house steps the sheriffs routinely held slave auctions (today the auction is being held inside). This is one of the ways how they pay off the unpaid taxes of the State and Corporate American debts. The officials such as the Government Officials is authorizing the holdings of the sale on both sides Administrative/Admiralty (Contract/Commerce). The highly evolved system of seizing, breeding, wholesaling, and retailing slaves still exist today. Slavery improved industrial setting after the Civil War, being more flexible and dynamic then “old ways” o slavery. Skilled slaves give extraordinary value to accomplish an arduous manual task – such as enlarging and extracting it’s contents.

Courts were established not so much to mete out justice from the government but to establish definitively that an offense had been committed and compel the guilty party and the victim to resolve their differences. In the great majority of case, the penalty of guilt was a fine regardless of the offense. Example : If a man injured a person, then the court’s role was to ensure that the man paid for the loss of the injured party.

Judgements are treated like “securities”, and sold at discounts based on the likelihood, or not, of the losing party being able to pay them. The judicial tradition of using the criminal courts to settle civil debts, and of treating a man’s or woman’s labor as a currency with which to pay fines and create mortgage-back securities.

Everyone who comes into the courtroom is a ward in admiralty-a ward of the court. We’re in an “in rem” proceeding in admiralty in a Title dispute and we have to come in as (Title Holder or Have Interest or Claim in the Subject Matter of the Complaint) or we are the “vessel” and they have arrested “the vessel” . We’re not in “Common Law Courts”, we’re in “admiralty” and they get jurisdiction by arresting the vessel. The (lawyer/district attorney/law enforcement) don’t use the proper process and they need to trick, cajole, deceive, pressure us to do whatever the need to do and have us make a mistake to give them a personal jurisdiction over us when we take on the attributes of a “General Appearance” to the subject matter of the pleadings against the defendant “in rem” and we start acting in any capacity on the merits of the charges or by taking on the persona of the defendant vessel “in rem”.

Well readers we going to stop there, but will continue and pickup next week. If you like to contact me please feel free to go jpay.com and sign up, enter my name and ID number you see below. It may take some time for me to respond. I just got started with this blogging, thanks to Ms. Suzie Jennings. And would like to say for all those who have a dream in life, go after your dreams and make them become a reality. Take it from me, someone behind bars making all his dreams come true. I am $1,500 dollars away from being the first ever to come out of the State of Virginia Prison System…

a Certified Private Banker. A 44 year old black man. Dreams can become Reality ! I know if I could do it with my hands handcuff, I’m not saying it was easy, this was only the grace of God and His doing. You have to stay submitted to His will and purpose and line them up with your dreams and I promise you that your dreams (will) be a Reality.

Thank you for reading !

James B. Scott # 1013134
St. Bridges Correctional Center
701 Sanderson Road
Chesapeake, Va. 23328

I am currently incarcerated for arm robbery. I been incarcerated for over 18 years, release date 5/19/21.


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