Abdul Griggs

Introducing Abdul Griggs

My name is Abdulbatin Griggs, I have been locked up since 8-3-06, I’m serving a life sentence, my parole eligibility date is 2077, I’m also in the process of appealing my judgement of convictions.
While doing my time I have achieved me GED/High School Diploma, I also completed a college course class called “REVERSE the FLOW”, why we need to make prisons more like schools, and schools less like prisons, this course was made possible with the dedication and help of Dr. E. Novek, Department of Communication and Dr. J. Foster, Department of Sociology both from Monmouth University. In this process they “Investigated the School to Prison Pipeline 2” class, made up of Monmouth University students and students from New Jersey State Prison. So I will love to have dialogue with whomever.

My contact info is:
Abdul Griggs, SBI#000801020B
New Jersey

Abdul Griggs
DOC #000801020B

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  1. Hello Abdul, I would not have the slightest idea about having a prison sentenced for life. Whatever the reason I hope you will see it through and overcome your troubles and emjoy your life. Best Wishes from me.


  2. Hello Abdul, I hope that God help you if you are an innocent person. Otherwise God always do the justice. He is the best knower of all knowing’s. He also accept the forgiveness. I wish you all the best in life!


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