Tyrone Thompson Jr.

Introducing Tyrone Thompson Jr.

My name is Tyrone Thompson Jr., family and friends call me ” Sam”, I’m 50yrs. of age, i’ve been incarcerated since Jan. 2007. I have a 15 yr prison term which my EDS is Dec. 2021. I’m an Gemini, caring person with a big heart, and a very good personality, and a determined mind. I’ve just recently opened up my life more to God. I’m not perfect but I do believe in the mustard seed of faith and I hope that when I do feel the need to blog about something that i’ll be understood, and can touch others that are seeking change in their life as well !
My contact info is

TYRONE Thompson Jr. #567-665
S.O.C.F. 1724 State Route 728
Lucasville, Ohio 45699

For he who cease to learn is already a half-dead person. Blog with Blessings, but more important – be a Blessing .


Tyrone Thompson Jr.
DOC #567-665


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