Ryan Quezambra

“2nd Chance” by Ryan Quezambra

So how many people believe there are some good people in prison? How many believe we all deserve a second chance no matter what our crime is? so I’m here talking on behalf of the good guys that’s in here and actually deserve a second chance. I don’t mean second chance because we’ve served our time we’ve been given, I mean second chance as in the guys who have learned from this situation and turned a negative into a positive. I feel that being taken away from my family and friends has helped me figure out who I am and what’s important to me. without this, there is no telling where my life would of led me, or even if I’d be alive ya know. so I AM one of the guys who have changed in a positive way from a negative experience. its some gifted people in here and its a lot of people that would be good positive people in society if they were given a second chance. think about the times where you were given a second chance and how it affected you………” Vote issue 1 ” on Tuesday in Ohio and help us who deserve a second chance get our chance a little earlier……..

Ryan Quezambra
DOC #607-338


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