Anthony Pierre

“Self Within” by Anthony Pierre

I thank the Great Allah for the blessings that in which He’s bestowed upon my life, and for the many gifts that some of us all take for granted.
For many, many years-I struggled to find what it means to find peace that we so long hope for. What I discovered was that-anything that we associate with outside ourselves to find that peace is only transitory. Why? Because if something goes wrong or perhaps a loved one upsets our world, the happiness that we thought we had vanished because it never was happiness from the beginning. True happiness can only come from within when we all give it to ourselves. The ego is a great foe to our Christ consciousness or God mind. Because it seeks to reach its zeneith above and beyond the share reality of our highest self that I call the cosmic mind. The ego is the only thing within us that seeks pleasure and pain. It robs us of our essence of having us to think duality in a world that there’s many-when in true all life is on one wave-length. All plant life, animals, protoplast, human life, and other things that are unanimate that some of us havn’t developed the eyes to really see are all connected within this unseen ‘Merkaba’ bubble. I often ask myself, why do life has tobe so cruel and unfair when I use to be unconscious? But after having come to the realization of what my highest self told me-it said that “it all happen by the creative principals of thine own mind” “Nothing in life exist as an effect without a cause”. So if the cosmic energy or the Almighty God be the cause, then it is us that is out of tune with self, out of self, and not the self. The self was created to thrive on truth and wisdom beyond this 3rd Dimensional dense reality. Nothing is the world is real accept the powers that be-the individual animately disguised inside its flesh. We want to see God, just look around you at the majesty of your heven robe that we kiss everyday. Its life itself that is beyond carnal comprehension, but yet simple. Some of us just make it complicated, because we live by the indoctrinations of what others say and feed us. Eminem said that “Opportunites come once in a lifetime-lose yourself”. Part true, but I say, “Opportunities don’t come once in a lifetime, they come by the thousands by our own creative principles of our own highest mind.” Real rap. But losing one’s self? I totally agree, because it’s only through denying one’s self that we gain our whole selves. Its denying our lower selves inorder to let reign our highest essence-God within. I know we all have different views and things. But at the end of the day, love is the key to all manifested things. Believe that. That is my religion-Love and truth. Because we cannot place that in a box. Who can deny love and truth. I love all my people, no matter who you are or who you think you are. You are who you’ve been looking for all your life. Stop looking and see within. Everything outside of you is within. Love Divine, Hotep=Peace,

Anthony Claude Pierre El Bey
DOC #356090

at Raymond Laborde Correctional Center.

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