Dennis Watson

Insti… By Dennis J. Watson

I never realized that the prize you most possessed is bullshit, & the rest of us with sense would kick some realness that includes true power like the strength of mule hips, for all the pull ups & dips you do, it’s only the more depth & common sense you lose, it amuses me that you confuse what you truly deserve with entitlement, but you continue to swim in the deepest water with leviathan, i used to admire a man that could keep it together for the sake of insanity, until time begins tampering & it tends to deepen the calamity, the man in me, can really see the woman in you, but on the other hand how can i really blame you, when you have no strength, you tend to protect everything you never owned while you lose your ability to think, sink rather than swim with the grim reality you tend to cherish, you’ve forgotten morals, values, principles, & integrity overshadowed by the anarchy you inherit, would it be fair if, i judged you? knowing you’re so lost in the concrete & steel with nothing left to feel but the misery you go through, i used to know you, but i don’t anymore, you’re lost, the faith it fades & the hope is slain to rigormortis frost, to collect dust, you could’ve been home years ago but you gave up, plus the pain you bathe in couldn’t be numbed with suboxone, you lost one, but this is everything but a jay-z song, the strong used to survive in here, but the weak now writes the songs, & sing the tunes, i assume the penal system is owned by daycare runners, they give you games, & make you a slave to the intense feeling of comfort, humm, let us meditate, let us celebrate when a man is released & success will fill his plate, at this rate, it’s hard to shake the great hold of authority, i just hope the day never comes that i’m still in this cage & they’re mourning me, i don’t wanna die here, you don’t even have this fear anymore, with the tears i endure & i still don’t conform to the norm you’ve formed yourself to fit in, there’s rapists, tough guys, followers, snitches, so i feel i just don’t fit in, let’s not forget the man relationships, but in the same sentence you punish me for touching the curves of my womans hips during visits, this shit is crazy, i’m stuck in a age that being heterosexual is a strange thing, & they frown upon it, i don’t know if, when or why, but i’d rather lose my eyes than to see 2 more guys in the same shower, I can’t be proud that the institution i’m found in condones to it, it’s, so hard to keep the composure i’ve had for so long but easy to lose it, what would you do if, a judge knew you didn’t do it but still had the audacity to give you a few numbers in front of life, I’m so in tune with myself i just pray i don’t become, institutionalized

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632-936

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