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Thee Introduction- A Blog by Montrae’ Houston

To my understanding a blog is when you express your feelings and point of view on a digital platform. It is when you allow yourself to let your personal and intimate thoughts on a certain topic spill from your mind to a screen via journal and/or video entry. With that being said I’m grateful for the opportunity to do that, and I’m even more grateful that you (whoever you may be) are actually taking time to read it. 🙂 Thank You…
Now that I’ve got that out the way, I’d like to share a little about myself. My name is Montrae’. I’m 24 years old and I’ve been on this life-changing journey: better known as incarceration since June of 2013. I have a little over 3 and a half years left on a 9 year sentence. My max out date is June of 2022.
In my spare time I find myself doing alot of reading; mainly self-help books and biographies. I love music (all genres) it helps me zone out my surroundings. I also Love learning, nothing specific, but just in general. Anything from how another culture celebrates holidays, to who killed the Ice man. Overall I just enjoy learning as much as I can about this crazy world of ours.
If I had to explain my character I’d need a lot more time, but to keep it brief I would say I’m in love with smiling, no matter what conditions the day may bring. After you’ve endured so much pain you learn that its truth behind the statement “Smiling is good for the soul”. I’m very big on family, and by family I don’t mean people who are my blood relatives. When I say family I’m talking about he people who I’m for, Love, and care about, and the people who I know are for, love, and care about me. I’ll save my elaboration on that in a later blog. (So stay Tuned) 🙂
I enjoy meeting new people, hearing about their background, and the journey life has been taking them on. Like I said I’ve been gone since I was 18, so I had no choice but to grow during this time. I’ve learned to not look at my past mishaps as “mistakes” but to view them as life lessons, and the whole point of a lesson is to learn,right?
If you wish to contact me my info is: M.Houston-A688950,P.O. Box 56, Lebanon,OH 45036. My jpay info is once again my number-A688950.
In the mean time, I would like to thank Mrs. Suzie Jennings for allowing me to do this.I’m grateful, Far as my blogs You will be hearing from me sooner rather then later. Until then Go find a reason to smile for me.

Montrae’ Houston
DOC #A688950

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