Javonte Oliver

Introduction Blog “On Dynamics of Prison” By: Javonte Oliver

Well Hello World….what’s new besides my intro on this Blog?……This is my first time featuring on here but, you know what they say “Always let yo next move be yo best move”…..so where do I start…..I’m 19years old…been down 3years on A 48 month committee to prison…..and boah, let me be the first to say….they couldn’t pay me enuff to Eva come back to this sewer drain…(SeriousFace)……I feel the need to vent my philosophy I live by about this prison system where,the effects it has on these people around me is the same tricks ,Bird handlers use to have them Parrots speaking Real English…….and this is the underworld refered to as prison, (The land of the sad songs and lost souls)where being able 2 automate the average Mind ,Nody,and Spirit all due to them tricking real G’s out they spot is the syrium injected..(SeriusFace)…The prison system will act like the constitutional rights we have been given from. “Birth”(as united state citizens )don’t apply to us in this world……(PRISONwhen In all actuality they never go absent)….so they basically label our rights as being from the land of the free as being privileges in here (like going to commissary to buy food, or…getting mail pictures or visits from those who love you….or going to recreation…or going to chow to eat…or getting clothes box food box or shoes….or getting a TV…or getting a form of music jp5 tablet CD player……or go days thru consummation of programs)…….. they act like these are the lavishes to life so they want you to act as a civil inmate (Equivalent to the movie “The Terminator” or the movie”Universal Soldiers”)and this is the form of psychological incentitive you pose to be able to get for not doing what makes your bid here more constructed or comfortable as possible but all in all this living is what make they jobs harder so they blow down on us with the verbal abuse (which is sticking to the script and doing what your moral excellence consist of that you were bred to mob as because 1 thing bout this prison life is either yo ma.a or yo daddy show up so hold it down at all costs and never fade into these walls due to us not belonging here is the fuel source these pip sqweaks around me seem as to psychologically disgruntled)…….I may have been born the last year of the 90’s generation but I be damned if I become a common mass known as institutionalized (where I feel the need to literally put my life on the line jus to prove that I stick claims to any little itty bit of privilege or principal that the prison system allows me to think I won)…this prison system a have a real G automated like a global tell link phone call..lol……this is what I refer to as arrested development because a person is solid with comfort instead of potential……….you wouldn’t be able to recognize I was this young because my logic rain volumes as I’m 30 plus but this prison system have shown me a lot ….because I’m the. baby son of 4 boys and who they refer to as Mr.too important I’m like the glue to everyone being as one so they missin my presence like old people miss mike jackson….lol…….this bid has awaken the true inclinations my purpose for life will emulate .my value thru,I’m a intended entrepreneur and entertainer I see some grace in myself that I never would have been able to conquer mobbin wit my brothers……alI i ever learned was street ethics and this is what even landed me in wit this predicament….. all from another body tryna prove my loyalty…..this prison life grew hair on my heart and my face because I ain’t goin fo nothin less then satisfactory salvation and capitolization..off monopolization and dominance…I aint really got the adequate amount of life experiences that the average in my age generation got but they the ones who make all the fatal mistakes and get in trouble they first tyme but get sentenced to numbers that belong on football jerzess……so I’m grateful that I’m able to live and learn thru this prison experience cause every person got eyes but they don’t all got a vision……so in the .moments essence they parish like the ash off the end of the swishers I used to smoke on the streets…….I’m from.Cleveland the home of the rappers,trappers and jackers where you’all find some part of every swag of every big state to city……..so tricks get you paid but secrets get you rich so everybody who anybody always mess with somebody dat spread somebody else catastrophe or come up……..the prison system
got me surrounded by all these poops to the point I recognize them to. be blind deaf or dumb all cause they make the rookie mistakes you would expect me to make instead of them but I’m glad the opportunity to vent from the philosophy I live off has been able for me to let the world see….I jus hope I can gain a solid line of communication thru it thats pure as a melting glacier of ice…….I’m not really a religious person but I believe in synchronobility ,sequence of events ,signs, and energy……..where thru the magnetic laws of gravity things land at the twist of fates dismay,and that all food,vegetation and trees produce oxygen from the pollination of bees…..there are 4tectonic plates in the earth where they rain these natural born catastrophes off the government (who financially supports the prison systems of the us) drilling deeper in deeper into the inner to outer core of the planet earth in chase of fossil fuels,oil,kerosene and coal to be mined and suppressed into diamonds…..or seek gold…….I don’t kno about y’all but hopefully this isn’t the call of the natural born Holocaust equivalent to what Hitler did to the Jewish(I hope I didn’t offend anyone.)but talk to me I talk back y’all…….hopefully a solid communication line can flourish……..one love no remorse …………….

Javonte Oliver
DOC #691-072

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