Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Part 1
Can you see

World can y’all see
Wild boys &girls
Can’t y’all see the government is setting us up and we so worried about the people down the street
The government is getting rich off our
mistakes , prison time and funerals
Social media is like big brother
why you think they made that show to get our minds ready for no privacy
Now social media is a promotion tool
for businesses that’s what its for to get
rich off of and take care of ya family ,not to air peoples personal business out on are bully ,when you do that, you helping the government
with population control just think how many people kill thereself or kill someone
from disrespect that they put on there about them
It seems like we living in the last days because we making it the last days
God loves us but do we love are self
One thing I can say I like about the millennials that’s on the right track is they making more $ off there creativity and gaving back ,that’s suppose to be every generations goal to heal the world and make it a better place
God had Michael Jackson give us the message back in the day ,listen to the song on youtube the message is clear,
Wake up World family ,don’t be scared ,be prepared, build generational wealth
And teach them how to keep it ,for generations to come
Listen money ain’t everything like alot of
people think but in the right hands its everything
So keep your money moving & surround
yourself around the right people and gave back
O’yeah and last but not least
Move wise and follow your instincts

#Heal the world #We are the future
I love y’all and I believe in all that believe
inself because if you don’t believe inself
you walking dead
Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466-513

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