Judah Hargrove

“What Are Friends ” by JUDAH HARGROVE

Friends to me represent a community of people who in some way are like minded and in some way or another have common interest and goals.I do not believe all potentially meaningful friendships must necessarily go back to one’s childhood though I do agree that the more histiory between people makes their bond inviolate similar to a sacred covenant.But some bonds that are just as symbolic and meaningful develop spontaneously which I endeavor to develop this day with any interested reader or amongst the community of readers and writers of this social network. Similar to a sowing seed that contains the blueprint of a flower or a tree or a piece of fruit that grows taking on a life of its own spontaneous frienships evolve aswell taking on a life of their own not necessarily based on time passed.The encounters we have daily with others,I believe, is controlled by energy that is everywhere at once within our universe.Energy has both purpose and design,and I’m sure we all can agree that it is the beginning to new experiences which preponderates on the scale of good and bad which advances our understanding in some way.
I am Judah Hargrove but I prefer to go by the hebraic equivalent of my first name, Yehuda.And in consequence of the seizure of my and my ancestor’s identity,which has been skewed and displaced as the annals of history betells, my surname,simply,is Ben-YisraEL which means “son of Israel”.I am a Hebrew Israelite that aspires to be a better a writer, a better communicator,and overall a better thinker because I have a story to tell, a real life account of horrific acts of abuse of power by our federal government and public servants in my homestate of Cincinnati,Ohio.When you ponder the type of abuse think of the “Kids For Cash” scandal that occured in Scranton,Philadelphia involving corrupt judges sending youth to for-profit facilities in exchange for kickbacks from Merical, a building contracting conglomerate.I think I have an interesting case that reveals how Ohio’s statutory code and criminal procedure is being used to funnel humanbeings into Ohio prisons. My account in the book demonstrates that all a certain group of citizens have to do in Ohio is get arrested and charged with a crime then its criminal procedure works to expediently imprison the victim: the accused. A persons innocence has no relevance.
I have a book that I am developing that in all honesty is a work in progress.I would like to share it with anyone interested in setting a little time aside which will enable you to understand the nature of the unconstitutional criminal procedure adopted by Ohio.I am reaching out to any gifted writer who can assist me in developing my book so the complexity of my situation which has affected not only me but other unsuspecting victims can be understood picture perfectly.The theme is based on a civil conspiracy that shows how I was wrongfully imprisoned for well over fifteen years, and the manner of how the several convictions on my criminal record were obtained by the state of Ohio and how conflicts created by my prior convictions weigh heavily on my present predicament of incarceration of twelve (12) years at Lebanon Corr’l Institution. I speak at length about the unlawful tactics put in play by various public servants in Ohio.But the book is missing those elements that make good books good.So,again, I am reaching out to anyone who will lend some of their time and we can correspond and fill in the gray areas and I can get the book published with a reasonable expectation that it will be well received by the public.My burning desire is to bring my book to life and establish my voice.
As I have communicated I am currently serving twelve (12) years for a wide assortment of what I characterize as trumped criminal charges. If I have piqued anyone’s interest please by all means look up my criminal history it is readily accessible to the public.I have nothing to hide.But I can bet with certainty as we become more acquainted you will be awe struck by the false illusion casted by my so-called criminal history once I provide you with some interesting facts that expose fraud, cruel and unusual punishment, betrayal of public trust, racism,discrimination and how the criminal system in Ohio,its inner workings,advocates the institution of slavery.
I live in constant anxiety and fear of retaliation in my efforts to be vindicated by drawing attention to the unlawful habeas procedure used by a federal judge when he handled my case some years ago. See, Judah Hargrove v. James Haviland 2005 U.S. LEXISNEXIS 11015. For those not aware of the habeas procedure , in short , the federal judge subjected me to multiple punishment, a form of double jeopardy.

Despite that fear presently pending before the federal court is another petition for writ of habeas corpus that requests for Judge Susan K. Dlott to do the following: a.) expand the record, b.) Independently review the case of Judah Hargrove v. James Haviland, the above-referenced case, c.) impose an injunction against my present term of imprisonment pending a thorough investigation of the prosecutorial practices adopted by the Office of the Hamilton County prosecutor Joseph Deters and d.) appoint a Special Prosecutor to represent my pending case before the court to protect me from further abuses of authority.
Ironically, when my mind canvasses the history of the Jewish Holocaust, the inhumanity and degradation that humanbeings were subjected to by the dicatator Adolf Hitler, himself partial Jew,and lending my attention to how proactive Jews have been in maintaining global awareness of that horrific experience , I find myself somewhat puzzled because alot of what I have compiled in my book centered around a civil conspiracy, being subjected to slavery in the 20th and 21st century was effected by a federal Jewish judge who is now deceased ?

DOC #A714226

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  1. This man kidnapped me and threatened me with a gun, that luckily I do not believe he had. He has forever changed the kindness in my heart. He is not a good person he is a great performer! Publish a book Judah, I will sue you for every penny you make from it!


  2. Hi Judah! its a pleasure to meet you here! my husband is mostly called as Judah!. its a beautiful name. All the best with your book. I am sure it will be great!


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