Davin Wallace

“To You, But For Me” by Davin L. Wallace

First of all I got to give God the glory. Alone, Him creating us was & is a blessing out of love beyond our own natural understanding. But going further, the same creation He put over everything of the world we turned our backs & hearts against Him, but yet He still loved us, gave us love, grace & mercy thru His only begotten Son my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. This year has so far been a “noticeably” blessed year for me, but it hasn’t come without test & trials. Last week I recognized some unfamiliar test by some unfamiliar people & things. But again its joy & pleasure to give glory to God in His Trinity for providing me with discernment & spiritual sight to recognize the test & I thank Him that it is His strength & fruits thru His Holy Spirit that kept & keep me humble, joyful & at peace while also extending the same love, grace & mercy to others that God gave me. This feels good. To know I’m nothing apart from Christ & that He came unto me as a “terrible” sinner. Without Christ I couldn’t come before y’all right now boldly, but humbly submissively & loving expressing this & admitting my errors for selfish gain. But because I know now who I am as a child of the Most High & a bride of Christ & more important know who God is I’m not ashame no more to admit my wrongs, more important to receive God’s grace to walk anew, & to accept the righteousness & holiness He has accredited to me thru faith. To any & all please forgive me if I trespassed against u, & u can be sure that I literally forgive any & all who felt or feel they had or need to trespass against me. I wanted to get personal & direct with the forgiveness but the Spirit is revealing to me its not necessary & He go make sure this serves its divine loving purpose. I literally love u. If u wondering who. Every single person receiving or not receiving this. Im noticing its some areas in my life that need some touching up so its my desire to get to it(meaning take them before God with faith He got me, better yet been had me), & all I ask is that y’all pray for me, correct me when necessary & bare with me. This message was actually directed at a specific person on my mind but as it is, it turnt out to be for me. So with saying I pray to God that He guide me to do better especially in the areas of faith, love, grace & mercy. “We good & greater lies ahead!”

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851


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