Terry Little

An empty place, by Terry Little

I recently watched an episode of; Long lost family. The episode was of a woman who wanted to find her mother, which most of the episodes are about, however this episode the woman didn’t want to find her mother because she needed to know who gave her up, or that she needed to know why it happened, nonetheless, she needed to feel what it would feel like to have a mother because she didn’t have that love with her adopted mother. She had felt like an outcast in a household she had always been told was her own, which it turned was never actually true. She loathed the absence of that secured love.
Prison is a soulless place, blighted by hatred, envy, insensitivity to others quagmires, nothing about prison tells the story of the behavior of single man…no, what one man does reflects on an entire populous of inmates. it’s cruel to say the least. Here most are gripped by pernicious desires of irrelevance. Nothing here is worth destroying another man’s chances at being paroled, however most would differ.
A prison staff could careless whether a man is doing good, a prison would rather document a man’s misbehavings because they’re not interested in the prior.

Terry Little
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