Matthew Epperson

Something Soothing by Matthew Epperson

I find solace in my routines in prison. They are how I calculate my days; not in a time keeping manner, but in a work manner, like a maintenance man checking the parts on a machine to ensure that everything is working well. My routines are how I manage life around here. I still get excited for the weekends, though the monotonous life doesn’t change at all. There are things that I look forward to on the television, like Austin City Limits. If you all don’t know what that is, I implore you to check it out, but until then, it is a venue for music that is televised for the world to see. It is my sanity. I listen to public radio, and I listen to watch public broadcasting for these reasons. The music. And this past weekend was a bell ringer.

Have and of you heard of Brandi Carliel (I hope that’s how you spell her name)? I’m sure some of you have. She is an amazing songwriter. Her music is like flowing water and a healing ointment on my soul. One of her songs that has really spoken to me, to which I have no reason why, is a song she has called Evangeline. It’s talk about her first born daughter and how the girl has changed her life. The way the poetic verses are orchestrated carry the listener along in a birds eye view of Brandi’s experience being a mother. Not to mention Brandi is easy on the eyes, she has a voice that has an exceptional range. The only thing I’m not a fan of is her vabrato. It changes the smoothness in her tone to that of an elderly lady. Beyond this, I love her. I hope you all get a chance to check out Brandi, and Austin City Limits.

I really hope to play at ACL before I die. Hopefully, once Im released from here, I can jump straight into traveling and playing music. I hope you fans of mine will help make this dream a reality, and I hope that upon the success I’m destined to have, I get to meet all of you. You, the ones that are reading this, the ones that have been with me since the beginning, are my biggest fans. You all are with me in the fire, and I pray to see you once this season of life is over with. Until then, find something to listen to that stirs your heart and changes your mood.

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812


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